Aug 20, 2009
Doc Terminus

Movie Night: A Fishmas Tale

December 25th is right around the corner. And we all know what December 25th means. Garbage pickup switches from Tuesday to Wednesday until February. It also happens to be Christmas time (Coincidence? I don’t think so…). So the guy from the Passamaquoddy Cinema that sells the tickets and makes the popcorn shrimp, (not the guy with that peg-leg) told me about this event coming this season.
A Fishmas Tale Tour

“Kipzar Films” announces a coastline promotional tour in support of holiday release.

From Kipzar Film’s the studio that brought you such classic hits as Buoy Story , The Incrustaceans, Crabatouille, and Wall-Eyed, comes a much anticipated remake of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”

In keeping with true Kipzar tradition, this classic tale will get the expected nautical twist. Casting for “A Fishmas Tale” has proven an interesting choice with the role of Ebenezer portrayed by the vocal talents of Shakespearean actor Sir Patrick Steward. Playing opposite Mr. Steward is Bobcat Goldwaith as Bob Catfish. The pairing of these two talents goes to prove that Kipzar may indeed have another hit on its way.

A free promotional bus tour was launched in Jacksonville Florida earlier this summer. The tour will travel along the eastern coast of the United States making numerous stops along the way. The bus is expected to arrive in Passamaquoddy by Thanksgiving weekend where “A Fishmas Tale” will premier at the Passamaquoddy Cinema.

On board the bus guests can listen to a cassette tape of the films soundtrack and view storyboards. The tour concludes with a viewing of a Nautica Ski Boat trailer located at the back of the bus. Free Fish Sticks and Herring Whips will also be provided.


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  • I think the bus was coming to my home town this weekend, but I will miss it. I’ll be traveling to WDW for F&W festival. Maybe next year!


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