Aug 12, 2009
Doc Terminus

Broken News: Passamaquoddy Bank Robbery


It has been a bad month here in Passamaquoddy.  And things just keep getting worse.  This past weekend, the “Passamaquoddy Bank and Reel Repair” was robbed.  The gentleman approached the teller window carrying a large duffel.  He demanded the teller “donate” $10,000 to his duffel.  When interviewed, the teller commented “the robber was a nice guy and had me laughing, but the Hoagy Cagg resemblance was striking and creepy.  He even smelled a bit.”

Sick how the world, just a few weeks after his passing, still takes advantage of a mans good smell.

The tellers security cam captured this look at the Hoagy Look-Alike who kept shouting “Fred will be so pleased!”  He even asked the teller if he would become a fan of this robbery on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time that this particular bank was robbed.

As you can see from these archived security camera shots, this bank was once robbed by “Men at Work” front man Colin Hay and on a different occasion by the late Hervé Villechaize.


On an unrelated note, congratulations go out to Lou Mongello and the Dream Team project who amassed around $27,000 at their charity auction.  Its  a great cause and the team works year round to make it happen.  Pretty incredible.

3 Responses

  • Is that an air guitar strapped to his back?

  • A Hoagy look alike running about Passamaquoddy, who would have such nerve! I hope to goodness the money I gave to the Toys for for Minos fund is still in the bank.

  • I was there…saw the whole thing! The culprit did bear a striking resemblance to our beloved Hoagy Cagg..he had a raw, bad boy sexuality…not unlike Charles Grodin in Midnight Run!!!

    I was also there for the Colin Hay incident, not nearly as impressive and he smelled oddly of of Vegamite!!!


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