Jun 30, 2009
Doc Terminus

Broken News: Hoagy Cagg Dead

News travelled quickly last night as the ambulance pulled away from the dumpster behind “The Crab Nook”.  Passamaquoddy’s own  potent aroma denizen has passed.  An official autopsy will be performed that may explain it all.  But for now, we can just make up stories.

For us in Passamaquoddy, we will always remember our faded starfish long before his stint on SURVIVOR: PASSAMAQUODDY.  We’ll remember him from his feature film…

Hoagy Cagg in Captain B.O.

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  • Everytime I see swamp gas, I’ll think of Hoagy. He will be missed.

  • I will always remember how Randy Quaid paid homage to Hoagy through his portrayal of Cousin Eddie in the Lampoon “Vacation” films. “Real tomato ketchup Cousin Eddie?” “Nothing but the best for you Clark.”

  • A tremendous loss and a crushing blow to, not only our beloved town, but to the world as a whole!!

    I offer my deepest condolences to the family and friend (assuming he had one) of our dear HOAGY!!!

    His portaryal of Captain BO , for me, was a life changing experience…he will be sorely missed!!


    I will be offering my entire collection of HOAGY-CAGGIBILIA up for auction on pBay this week…

    INCLUDING…The Famed, Single, Rhinestone Studded Sock that he wore during the filming of Captain BO.(unlaundered, of course)

    This is a rare chance to own the scent of a fallen legend….tune in and place your bids!!

  • I am agast!!! We must all find a way tomove ahead with our lives…
    Will there be a memorial service or perhaps a movie of the week???
    Does anyone know if his “estate” will be making payments on his debts for “services” rendered? He was one of my best customers…

  • I believe the estate will be divided among the town’s residents, or for those who which to claim it.
    In any event, I am saddened by this loss.

  • I can’t believe it! The love of my life is gone. What ever shall I do?


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