Jun 24, 2009
Doc Terminus

Boy, that was confusing…

I recently received a letter from someone asking why there hasn’t been any news out of Passamaquoddy.  I quickly explained that they were obviously out of their minds and quickly sold them some miracle elixir.  I explained that things had gotten so exciting that with Survivor: Passamaquoddy in full force, it was important for us to triple our bandwidth to allow for the extra 3 viewers.  So I personally took it upon myself to keep Quodamapassy.com completely up to date.

We covered a lot during that time period.  Some of the highlights include: 

Starfish Weekends
The opening of yet another PVC resort, MaMahiMahi Village
The election of Hoagie as most eligible bachelor.
The exciting conclusion of Survivor: Passamaquoddy
The denouncing and removal of Hoagie from most eligible bachelor.
Mitch opened his dance show on the new stage in Tilapialand
Days later, Mitch closed his dance show on the broken stage in Tilapialand.
Hoagie was exiled from town.

But, as we prepare for the opening of our town’s newest attraction. the Pretty Good Movie Ride, it became apparent that all of those updates were being done to Quodamapassy’s website, not Passamaquoddy.  It seemed that all the super intelligent readers figured it out and turned out in droves.  Others weren’t so lucky.

With the error taken care of, we will be posting again and as soon as the Pretty Good Movie Ride is open, I believe you’ll forgive the lack of updates.  So watch this space really soon.

Doc Terminus

4 Responses

  • Welcome Back. Imma was beginning to wonder if I was ever coming home.

  • I was not swimming the crustacean trail. I was hanging out with a Mermaid. I am sorry.

  • Did we make it out alive?!

  • If anyone has any questions about the goings on of months past please forwad me an email (email address is below). I am quite well versed in said affairs.
    I have been following along, quite throughly on Quodamapassy.com over the past few months, even though I have been out of town “visiting” with the crab-fisherman of Dutch Harbor. (keep an eye out for my cameo on “Most Dangerous Catch”)
    Anyway, glad to see things are picking up around our fair town.

    Email me at easypickins@tartlet.com


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